Buy it now: Hermes Le Bain bath and body line

Hermes Le Bain shower gel and moisturising balm

If you’re going to spend £28 on a shower gel, you may as well make it an Hermes one. Hermes has had its bath products for a while now, but is only recently starting to actively market them. I noticed this instantly when I first visited the revamped New Bond Street store; the bright and inviting products were prominently displayed, beckoning all who passed to come and explore.

At the recent Hermes AW15 press day, we were pampered with hand washes and massages, an effective sort of brainwashing by the gentle persuasion of touch and smell. The products are lovely of course. The Le Bain bath products are scented with the fragrance from Hermes’ garden perfumes and colognes, with which I’m more than familiar. I’ve not met one cologne I didn’t like, but curently, Eau D’Orange Verte hair and body shower gel is what’s getting me up in the morning, followed by the creamy Eau de Narcisse Bleu moisturizing face and body balm (£42).

I need something zingy to get me energised first thing and that’s what Eau D’Orange Verte hair and body shower gel delivers with its invigorating orange, mandarin and mint notes. As a shower gel, it’s great but I can’t say I tried it on my hair (I’m strictly a Kerastase girl for that). Likewise, the face and body balm is perfect as a body moisturiser – rich, non-greasy and instantly absorbed. But I’m not ready to put it on my face.

A quick word about the packaging, which let’s be honest is a big part of the appeal. It doesn’t disappoint at all, being packed in the signature orange boxes and then lightweight plastic bottles. Although the hero has to be the chunky aluminium tub for the body balm, which is totally being reused afterwards to store my cotton wool pads. Wait, does Hermes make cotton wool pads? It really should…

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WORDS AND IMAGE: Disneyrollergirl/Navaz Batliwalla