How do you feel about glove shoes?

Martiniano Glove shoes

To be honest, I had never heard of glove shoes until I read this story on Fashionista. But apparently they’re a thing. Going by the comments on Fashionista, they’re extremely polarising, which suggests to me that they’re just going to get bigger (Uggs, anyone?).

Martiniano is one of the originators, (theirs are handmade in Argentina), along with Chloe, Lemaire and Céline. I think the key to wearing these is an ankle-baring pant or a skirt – I think you need skin to compensate for the covered-up instep. Or maybe a contrasting-colored ankle sock.

La Garc?onne (AKA my current online obsession) has nailed the quirkiness of a glove shoe (also known as a glove slipper) with its jolie laide styling and has also collaborated with Martiniano for its in-house label, La Garc?onne Moderne.

I’m not sure if I’m ready for glove shoes yet but I haven’t quite written them off. What do you think?

Martiniano glove shoes
Martiniano black glove slipper La Garconne
martiniano glove shoes
martiniano polaroids
Cos Glove slipper
La Garconne glove shoe
Martiniano La Garconne
Martiniano La Garconne Moderne
martiniano glove shoes
Lemaire glove slipper mule La Garconne
martiniano polaroids

WORDS: Navaz Batliwalla/Disneyrollergirl
IMAGES – TOP TO BOTTOM: Martiniano x 2; Martiniano X La Garc?onne; Martiniano; Vanessa Beecroft for Martiniano; COS; La Garc?onne; Martiniano X La Garc?onne x 2; Vanessa Beecroft for Martiniano; Lemaire/La Garc?onne; Vanessa Beecroft for Martiniano