The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is a nifty GIF-making phone

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 gif phone

Smartphones, Sch-martpones! Do we still care? Or would we rather ditch all the notification angst and revert to the pre-iPhone age of clunky Nokias and Blackberry Bolds (who knew Kim K was still using one?)?

Confession: I’m a technophobe at heart; I just find all the technological bloat on modern phones too much to deal with. I too loved my Bold, but decided to switch to the Samsung Galaxy Note a few years ago following FNO* FOMO from all my blogging pals who had been gifted a Samsung Galaxy Note Tab, with the amazing S Pen (don’t call it a stylus). Reader, I never looked back. The Note 3 was amazing, albeit huge. Cue daily ridicule from complete strangers, “Is that a phone??!!! HARHARHARHARHAR!!” But the super-sized screen made it great for watching videos and taking notes or doodling with the S Pen. It also let you record your doodles and save them (but not share the recordings – tsk Samsung, you missed a trick there).

Anyhoo, fast-forward a few years, and I’ve progressed to my Note 4, everyone else has caught up (Snapchat is sooooo much better on a big phone) and Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus is everyone’s jam. So Samsung has unveiled its new Note, the Galaxy Note 7.
Samsung galaxy note 7

What’s different about this one? Well, the great thing is, it’s slimmer and has a keyboard minimizing function that lets you text etc with one hand. It’s also water-resistant, so no more tears when you drop it down the loo. It still has the S Pen (in an updated design with a smaller 0.7mm tip), which can do all sorts of nifty tricks. In particular, you can use the S Pen with its new GIF-making feature, which for me is the funnest reason to buy this phone. Oh, and if you’re a believer that virtual reality is going to be the next big thing (sorry, it’s true), then the Note 7 is compatible with Samsung’s Galaxy Gear VR headset. (FYI, a free Galaxy Gear VR is included in certain pre-order deals.)

So, unfortunately, it would seem that smartphones are only getting smarter and we have no choice but to keep up. The Note 7 arrives in the UK on 2nd September but can be pre-ordered from today. You’ll let Kim know, won’t you?

*Fashion Night Out! Remember?

WORDS: Disneyrollergirl/Navaz Batliwalla
IMAGE: Samsung Galaxy Note 7
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