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Forgo hand wash

Bored of all the hand washing posts yet? Nah me neither. Aesop Reverence Aromatique* is my hand wash of choice, followed by Arket Geranium* and Bjork & Berries White Forest*. M&S Calm hand wash* also has vague Aesop-meets-Austin-Austin vibes, with its amber bottles and essential oils.

But Swedish brand Forgo has a much more modern idea. Its Kickstarter is launching a waterless concept that ships sachets of concentrated powder that you mix with water yourself. No plastic, no additives, and lovely minimalist branding for those who are (for better or worse) suckers for such things. We discussed it in this month’s The Beauty Conversation newsletter here and here.

On a side note, here are some other ‘good for you’ products and brands on my radar…

DEODORANT. I’ve noticed an uptick in recent months of people either switching to ‘natural’ deodorants or going without. Corpus is the one that keeps cropping up, with its delicious-sounding fragrances and plant-based ingredients. I love the sound of Number Green* with its bergamot, pink lemon, orange blossom and cardamom notes. I haven’t tried it yet, have you?

HAIR. Skincare for hair was a big thing last year and one of the products I particularly liked trying [press sample] was London Labs Hair Moisturiser. A lightweight hair cream for daily hydrating, its hero ingredient is Prickly Pear fruit, a fast-absorbing oil containing Omega fatty acids and the highest concentration of Vitamin E of any beauty oil. London Labs is big on scalp care and the fatty acids and Vitamin E work to stimulate cell turnover. For me, the cream is great for soft styling on short hair – and doubles as a hand cream…

TAMPONS. Dame is getting a lot of attention for disrupting the feminine hygiene space. Created under the premise that most tampons contain chemically treated synthetics and pesticide sprayed cotton, Dame’s organic tampons are free from bleach, pesticides, plastics and harsh chemicals. Plus its reusable applicator cuts down on unnecesary waste. The brand also pitches itself as a platform for education around female wellness. Buy it at Dame, Content Beauty*, Waitrose and Boots*.

MOISTURISER. My J-Beauty obsession continues, with Shiro Sake Kasu facial cream [sample], a lightweight moisturiser combining sake kasu (leftover bits from sake production) with a blend of sesame, flaxseed and shea oils. Shiro’s shtick is using the highest quality natural ingredients and as few ingredients as possible. As an ingredient, sake is considered especially good for moisturising, brightening and tightening. But while these properties help towards smooth, unlined skin, Shiro doesn’t use ‘anti ageing’ language. Apparently the Japanese are more concerned with maintaining healthy skin than preventing wrinkles. Interesting!

SPF. I’ve finally got into the daily sunscreen habit and one of the nicest products I’ve found is Ecooking Factor 30 sunscreen* [sample]. A chemical sunscreen made with organic ingredients, it also enhances the elasticity of the skin and stimulates collagen production. Plus it’s recommended by the Black Skin Directory as suitable for darker skintones.


WORDS: Disneyrollergirl/Navaz Batliwalla
IMAGE: Forgo
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