ESK Cashmere says pick a colour

ESK Cashmere launches custom colour
Monogramming schmonogramming, this is real personalising. ESK Cashmere (their cashmere socks are rarely off my feet at the moment) has introduced a custom colour sweater service in which you can match one of over 100 colours to eight of its best-selling sweater shapes. Classic knits tend to come in classic colours so this is a good opportunity to get your classics in a colour you really love. The service takes two weeks and you’ll get an email to show you a photo of your sweater in progress.

Warning: this service is understandably not cheap, clocking in at around £500. However, if that’s too spendy, do check out the regular classics. The women’s 2-ply cashmere Chloe crewneck (below) is a great price at £245, while the Mya crew (bottom) is a cosy mix of Shetland and extra-fine lambswool and a steal at £195.

ESK chloe crewneck
ESK mya crew neck

WORDS: Navaz Batliwalla/Disneyrollergirl
IMAGES: ESK Cashmere