An interview with Miss Manicure, Sophy Robson

I met nail artist Sophy Robson at fashion week when I tried to get a photo of her beehive. Sadly the photos were terrible but we had a nice chat about nails and nail art. Later, she agreed to be interviewed…

How did you become a nail artist?
My love of hip hop and music inspired me to be more glam…

What inspires your work?
Making nails the focus without becoming ridiculous.

Favourite photographers to work with?
Solve Sundsbo, Mert & Marcus, Matt Irwin, Alasdair McLellan. Craig McDean was cool but I only worked with him once.

Favourite photographers you would like to work with?
Terry Richardson, David Lachapelle, Juergen Teller, Steven Meisel. I also love Camilla Akrans. Helmut Newton and Guy Bourdin were the kings of nail photography but obviously I realise they are no longer with us…

Maddest shoot?
There have been tears, jokes, nudity! And lots and lots of waiting patiently and not so patiently involved over the years. Discussing pubic hair diamante decorations with Tom Ford is a memory I will cherish for ever. And a shoot for Harrods with David Bailey when the ring fell off the model’s finger into the pond in Regents Park. Funny afterwards but not at the time. I also worked for Rolex and was trying to do a perfect manicure in the Libyan desert on a plastic mat and a cardboard wall as my dressing room…

What nail look are you rocking right now?
I have long classic oval natural nails – I cannot wear polish when I am working every day. On my pedicure I have magenta purple.

Who makes the best nail polish?
Essie. I also love the colours of this brand Uslu Airlines but you can only buy it at Colette in Paris.

What’s your secret to a long-lasting manicure?
Prepping the nail plate and using good base and top coat – you can get away with any brand with correct application.

Should you match fingers and toes?
These days there are no rules to beauty….

Which model has the nicest nails?
Natasha Poly and Linda Evangelista.


Read Sophy’s Paris and London Fashion Week adventures here and see more of her work here


The battle of the glossy blogs

Back when the internet first started (let’s say circa 1998* for the sake of argument), Vogue was quick off the mark with its flashy website It had news, it had runway pics, it had everything. But fast forward a few years and the other glossies are catching up. In 2009 it’s all about the now, now, now and that means blogs and Twitter.

This round of fashion weeks has seen a flurry of activity in the blogosphere with a race to see which fashion glossy can be the quickest, most prolific and most irreverent with their posts.
GRAZIA has the most experience having launched its blog in September. Granted, it is a site in itself and has its own (albeit tiny) team while the others are kept going by the magazine staff.
Pluses: Ten posts a day, lots of info and lots of heads-ups on future trends. Plus a Twitter as well! Most on-the-ball.
Minuses: Posts aren’t timed or dated which means it’s tricky to keep track of.

TEN MAGAZINE is lots of fun though slightly clique-y in its ‘we’re here, you’re not’ tone and self-obsessed photos of the team.

Pluses: Daily updates, behind-the-scenes peeks at fashion show fittings
Minuses: Slapdash presentation – some of the runway snaps really are crappy (I know mine aren’t much better but I’m not front row)

LOVE is the most insidery of them all and boy do we know it. Every other pic is a shot of Fran, Katie or the other one mugging for the camera with Roberto, Jeremy or Alber in a headlock. (But I like it really…)

Pluses: The Love crew are the most scene-y of all fashionistas so you get the best view of every show/party/re-see/launch.
Minuses: What happened to the comment facility? A blog without comments is a waste of time, no?

The nice thing about this leaping on the blog bandwagon is it gives a less formal insight into the world of fashion magazines. As the Brits are known for their humour, blogging lends itself particularly well to the antics of our fashion editors – yes we do play dress-up with the samples, we’d be mad not to!

*Obviously I know the internet started before then, but I mean in relevant fashion terms…

UPDATE: Link for Ten Magazine’s blog added courtesy of Helen LG!

Scott Schuman is in town!

I received a tip-off yesterday from my mole-at-The-Times that Scott Schuman (AKA The Sartorialist) would be staking out the Osman Yousefzada show. I promptly forgot until I found myself haring along Exhibition Road in the fuzzy rain having just sprinted from the Cooperative Designs show a few blocks away. OMG there he was! He graciously let me take a photo although I could see he didn’t really want me to so the result was a tad stony-faced. “How’s it going Scott, are you getting good stuff?” “Yeah, trying to…” was the reply. Oh dear, street photos and London drizzle do not a good combination make. Let’s hope the sun makes an appearance!

Punk Perfect Awful

If I have to choose between a kissy-kissy, champagne-and-red-carpet, fashion week soiree and a scuzzy East London beer-fest, the scuzzy option wins every time. London does ‘gritty’ much more convincingly than posh somehow. Matt Irwin’s private view for his Punk Perfect Awful exhibition was just that – messy, gritty, noisy and silly (Like, hello, what was Geri Halliwell doing there?!). Fashion-wise, it was a complete fur-fest, accompanied by short skirts, fancy tights plus a smattering of distressed, nay, distraught denim. Excellent!

Oh, and I had a lovely chat with nail artist Sophy Robson about the second coming of the long nail. Yep, talons are back! Check her blog here