Canape-watch at Arcadia’s online drinks soiree

Ooh get a load of these sexy little puddings at the Arcadia online press day! Mmm, don’t they look delightful? These sweet and sticky meringue-cream-strawberry-and-kirsch deserts were served up alongside rails and rails of new season collections from Topshop, Evans, Dorothy Perkins, Topman and Miss Selfridge. Online press mingled with independent bloggers to try on the Evans disco dazzler sequin bootees, Topman suits (Isabelle O’C had to be wrestled out of hers) and already-legendary Ashish for Topshop boots.

Not only did we get a chance to legitimately photograph some shit hot Topshop clothing and upload it in real time (without being told off), but photographer Alistair Guy was on hand to document our styling attempts, although a white background had to suffice – no wistful Lula-esques fields to hand unfortunately. But what a great chance to social network face to face as well as grilling the Arcadia PRs. Pressing questions of the night? When will the new Topman floor be unveiled and what exactly is this new thing called Tinker?

OMG – check out Topshop Tweeter Zoe’s Bernhard Willhelm boots…
Shoutouts to Magazine Machine, Discotheque Confusion, Style Bubble, Fabfrocks, Randomfashioncoolness, Young Shields, Mademoiselle Robot, Cate from Bitchbuzz, Kila and Mantern from Rubbishmag. Er, did I miss anyone?