Perfect pairing: White denim and Chanel espadrilles

Chanel espadrilles nail polish colour

Summer’s been a bit unpredictable so far (no surprise there) but it’s OK, I have my Chanel espadrilles. No not those kind of espadrilles, it’s a Chanel nail polish colour, dummy. The sunniest, fizziest orange – and really, what could be more cheering than a Chanel nail colour called ‘Espadrilles’?

Summer in the city is a funny one because very often, it’s cloudy, and well, cold! So make-up is the way to fake a sunnier disposition, while you’re shivering in your cashmere. Needless to say, skirts and shorts are a rarity too for me, but I’ll break out the white 501s instead.

Chanel Espadrilles nail colour

Chanel’s summer beauty collection is a mix of khaki greens and golden neutrals (for eyes), plus juicy sunset shades in a new lip gloss formula. I’ve always got on well with Chanel lip glosses but the new formula is even more fluid and moisture-rich. ‘Sahara’ (610, a luminescent coral) is my go-to summer lip of choice, while ‘Dzhari’ (608) is a deeper, sultry garnet stain. Nail shades are a mix of colour-pop brights (‘Espadrilles’ and ‘Turban’ – a bold cerise pink that’s lovely for toes) and iridescent old gold, a burnished brown and ‘Emeraude’ – a hypnotic, gold-flecked green.

Chanel Exclusive Creation Empriente Du Desert eye quad 2016

Sometimes Chanel’s eye quads get a bit repetitive, but not this time. The limited edition Exclusive Creation Empriente Du Desert mimics the coppers and golden beiges of sundown, accompanied by a delicious khaki green. I think you can achieve lots of versatile looks with this quad, from a minimalist neutral to something more dramatic. I love how the surface texture has an undulating sand dunes effect. To match are two waterproof eye pencils and a copper-coloured mascara – very Arabian Nights.

Chanel UV Essentiel sun protection

Cloudy or not, sun protection is a must and Chanel has formulated a new product that claims to enhance the skin’s own sun-pro mechanism. Chanel UV Essentiel comes in a melt-into-the-skin lotion with SPF 30 or 50 (there are two varieties) that feels weightless and non-greasy. I’ve tried it and like the naturally matte finish for my tends-to-greasy skin. It’s a pretty small tube though (£42 for 30ml), so possibly only for the most cashed-up Chanel-phile.


WORDS AND IMAGES: Disneyrollergirl/Navaz Batliwalla
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