Pre-fall 2016

Coach class

Coach pre fall 2016

When it comes to featuring cars in fashion shoots, have you noticed only vintage cars will do? Here’s the perfect example; Coach’s first ever pre-fall campaign for its Coach 1941 women’s RTW and bag line. In this context though, a classic American, leather-interiored car absolutely nails it. What does contemporary Coach stand for, if not luxury leathers and iconic Americana?

The campaign was shot on location in Red Hook, Brooklyn, depicting Stuart Vevers’ vision of laid back but youthful luxury (that’s helping to revive the brand, to much acclaim). (more…)

Introducing DROMe pre-fall 2016

DROMe Pre-Fall 2016 - a leather-based designer brand from Italy

I’m not really feeling the Hot Topic, 90s rehash that NYFW is showing so far. Didn’t Hedi Slimane do this better? Much more appealing to me is the leather-focused collection from – new name alert! – DROMe, whose pre-fall 2016 images recently landed in my inbox.

DROMe’s designer Marianna Rosati approaches things from her personal vantage point as a costume designer and performer for the Anglo-Italian Elan Frantoio company. In particular, I love the coats and jackets with their exaggerated Balenciaga-ish rounded sleeves, accompanied by the lushest of leather blouses and flamboyant dandy shoes. And then those all-in-ones, begging to be worn as stagewear by anyone with vaguely Bowie-ish tendencies. (more…)