Quote of the day: Michael Bise on 90s Gap

Gap quote Michael Bise

“Being at Gap in 1998 and 1999 was like being Tina Turner at the 1985 Grammys. She won everything that year. She was the most celebrated. The most eyes were on her. Everyone was looking at her and following her every move. And that’s what it was like at Gap.”
Gap superfan and playlist collector Michael Bise, Vogue

I do love a nostalgia-fest sometimes and this 90s trip down memory lane with an ex-Gap sales associate hits the spot. Bise tells the story of 90s and Y2K American social history through the medium of clothes and music and it’s surprisingly evocative. With a Gap think piece published every other day mulling the success (or lack thereof) of Yeezy Gap, it’s a comfort to look back to simpler times. The comments on Bise’s blog are also an interesting insight into the power of a curated playlist in forging a lasting connection to a brand.

WORDS: Disneyrollergirl / Navaz Batliwalla
IMAGE: Gap ad campaign
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