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Prada Olfactories

The new Prada fragrance collection ‘Olfactories’ probably doesn’t need any more press coverage, but the marketing of these ‘fragrance collages’ appeals to my arty side. The idea is that the focus isn’t on notes or ingredients but the dreamy, subconscious feeling you get from these surrealist visuals. As Olfactories’ creator Daniela Andrier says, “there aren’t any explanations of the ingredients inside. I think it’s something we’re so fed up of; these eternal explanations of bergamot.”

I love collage and these graphic renderings align beautifully with Prada’s nostalgic, off-kilter aesthetic. (And what a relief not to have another celebrity-fronted campaign.) It’s all about the lips for me…

Prada Olfactories fragrance line
Prada Olfactories fragrance
Prada Olfactories

The limited edition Prada Olfactories fragrances are $300 each for 100ml Eau de Parfum and come packaged in patterned silk pochettes. They are available from Galeries Lafayette in France and selected Prada boutiques.