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When did ‘sustainability’ become a dirty word? OK, not a dirty word, but, it’s definitely not a sexy word and there is a whiff of mistrust around brands that use the ‘s’ word as it’s been hijacked by anyone and everyone who wants a slice of the ‘conscious consumer’ pie.

That aside, there’s no doubt that ‘conscious consumption’ itself is becoming cooler and sexier. Yes, I know it’s considered an oxymoron but I disagree. You can be a consumer without being an overconsumer. We’re probably never gonna stop buying nice things, so better that they be well made and ethically produced than not, no?

And that’s what EverybodyWorld is all about. It’s a fab concept that ‘makes thoughtful products without exploiting people or the planet’. The founders, Iris Alonzo and Carolina Crespo are all about collaboration and thus their ‘contributor collection’ features products designed by regular people who receive 10% of sales revenue. Then there are the basics. The ‘Trash tee’ is made from mushed up fibres from discarded materials, which are re-blended into new cotton T-shirts. Aside from being truly ‘green’ (here’s the how-to for fellow process geeks!), the tees are the perfect classic cuts.

Some of my favourite items… The towels in every shade of ‘nude’, upcycled from discarded Ace Hotel towels. The slippers, sleep masks and tote bags, also upcycled from cotton linens from the Ace Hotel. And the Everybody.World typeface, which is simple and beautiful and available absolutely free of charge.

Everybodyworld slippers
Everybodyworld X Ace Hotel conscious consumption
Everybodyworld tote

Explore more at everybody.world and follow them on Instagram.

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