Mount Street news: Marc Jacobs to close and Dean & Deluca a no-show

Marc Jacobs Mount Street. Image by MRA Architecture

Marc Jacobs
is closing its Mount Street store, according to Business of Fashion.

This is such sad news!

As BOF reports, when the store opened in 2007, it kicked off the reinvention of Mount Street as a luxury retail destination. The Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs stores were temples of style and fun that were always such a trip of discovery joy. Remember when the Marc by Marc Jacobs store opened over here and we too could snap up the £5 keyrings, logo tote bags and other tchotchkes that our Bleeker Street cousins had queued for previously? They also sold seriously good (but cheap!) cashmere scarves, socks and gloves that were my staple buys for years.

And remember when the Bookmarc bookshop opened in the basement? Marc Jacobs was at the height of desirability and these were brilliant initiatives to intro the brand to hungry new millennial customers. Later, when the brands were consolidated, the Marc by Marc Jacobs store closed and Bookmarc moved to the main Marc Jacobs Mount Street store. I would always go in for a nose after a meeting at The Mount Street Deli and find something cheap and chic to buy.

And then there was that time I discovered a full counter of Marc Jacobs Beauty goodness, previously unavailable in the UK. I literally felt like a kid in a candy shop discovering the sweetest, luxest Chupa Chups ever (aka, the divine Marc Jacobs Beauty nail polish bottles and lipsticks).

Marc Jacobs Beauty Mount Street

Ho hum, times change and I guess you’ve just gotta move on. Marc Jacobs as a business has undergone significant structural changes since 2015 and Business of Fashion suggests that the brand unification confused customers. Admittedly, last time I was in the store, it seemed pretty empty and the excitement just wasn’t there.

“Since the brand’s launch on Mount Street, this luxury retail location has shifted up a gear and the newly unified Marc Jacobs offer doesn’t quite feel right anymore,” says DRG retail editor, Alison Farrington. “Covent Garden might have been a better fit – for the brand’s legion of Gen Z and Millennial customers. But we’re not talking about a store move (sadly), for the simple fact these consumers now prefer to shop online. So it’s a smarter move to save costs on physical retail rents, instead shifting to major retail partners’ hybrid mix of both offline and online operations. While the likes of Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Matches Fashion and Net-a-Porter fight for every pound spent in the luxury e-commerce market, it’s probably best to join them!”

The beauty side of the business is still thriving though – perhaps we’ll get a shiny new cathedral to Marc Jacobs Beauty popping up somewhere soon instead?

By the way, what has happened to Dean & Deluca? After that rumoured Mount Street opening last year, I saw a couple of ‘coming soon’ hoardings on the former Allens of Mayfair site, then nada. According to Hot Dinners, the new global president has had a rethink. As you were…

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