Loewe: I made this

Masters of Leather
on Nowness.com.

Loewe has done a lovely job of highlighting three of this year’s biggest macro trends – craft, heritage and luxury – in this short film by Matthew Donaldson for Nowness (ah ‘fashion film’, there’s another tick). Using Richard Avedon’s In The American West as a visual reference (oh to have a copy of this collectable tome), it’s a celebration of the leather workers’ graft and craft in creating the signature Amazona bag.

Stealth luxury has been back on topic recently and the Amazona bag is a good example of a non-shouty investment bag. If you read the short interview with Stuart Vevers on Nowness, you’ll see the origins of this ’24 hour bag’ are also quite interesting…

Orange calf leather Loewe Amazona bag

Purple calf leather Loewe Amazona bag