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A major skincare shift I’ve seen over the last few years is the move towards products that protect, nourish and gently strengthen the skin, a departure from the problem-solving and ‘repairing’ narrative. While ‘wellness’ gets a bad rap, I think we’re now much more attuned to nutrition, hormones and lifestyle factors that affect the skin. (I mean, when Kate Moss launches a holistic skincare line, you know there’s a vibe shift.) Hopefully that means we’re raising a generation that won’t resort to invasive aesthetic procedures like injectables, lasers and skin resurfacing to repair damaged skin in the future.

In particular, cleansers, facial washes and body washes have become so much more part of a proactive wellbeing ritual. And that includes boosting them with ingredients that help moisturise, balance and strengthen the skin barrier. While cleansing oils and balms have become the go-to products for creating an enjoyable ritual, other products are catching up.

Below are some products that are worth your attention.

BYOMA CREAMY JELLY CLEANSER. Formulated especially to address the challenges of over exfoliating and disrupting the skin barrier, Byoma’s Creamy Jelly Cleanser* is a foaming gel ideal for non-aggressive make-up removal. Boosted with a unique blend of ceramides, antioxidant-rich licorice root and green tea extract, this generously-sized cleanser also hydrates and brightens.

DIOR CLEANSING MILK. I don’t often use milky cleansers but Dior’s Nymphea Cleanser Collection make-up removal collection (below) includes a light and just-rich-enough cleansing milk made with French water lily extract and jasmine wax to help purify and nourish the skin while fortifying the skin barrier as it cleanses. If you like a luxurious fragrance but not an overpowering one then this is for you. Buy it here*.
Kind cleansers and make-up removers by Dior

CERAVE SA SMOOTHING CLEANSER. This was ‘prescribed’ to me as part of my trial of the Renude service in March and I’m still using it. It’s a basic pharmacy rinse-off cleanser, so it’s easily available and you’ll often find it in a three-for-two Boots offer. The nice thing is that it’s a moisturising face wash but with added salicylic acid for mild exfoliation, Yet it’s still very gentle and non-drying. (Cerave’s USP is its use of ceramides to help restore the skin’s protective barrier.) Buy it here*. Cerave also launched a gel-to-foam Blemish Control Cleanser* earlier in the year, formulated to remove excess oils without disrupting the skin barrier.

CERAVE HYDRATING CLEANSING BAR. Cerave has also launched its Hydrating Cleansing Bar*, a gentle ‘soap’ alternative loaded with Cerave’s signature ceramides and hyaluronic acid to cleanse or remove make-up without depleting the skin of its natural oils. The cleansing bar revival is well underway and I would love to see some fun iterations a la British Beauty Blogger’s cute cleansing clouds.

FENTY SKIN COCOA CLEANS’R SOOTHING ALL-OVER CLEANSING BAR. Fenty’s new cleansing bar* (below) is enriched with shea butter, cocoa butter and coconut oil. It smells delicious if you like that fudgy, gourmand vibe and lathers well. I prefer it for body rather than face and there’s also an accompanying soap dish* – sold separately – for easy portability. (Side note: an extra shout-out for Fenty Beauty’s Fat Water Hydrating Milky Toner Essence* – a bonus step in the post-cleansing routine to give you added hydration if you’re a multiple step kinda girl. Plus, it smells of tea!)

OLVERUM BODY CLEANSER. New from heritage German aromacology brand Olverum is the delightful Body Cleanser* (below). Ideal for sensitive skin, it blends its secret recipe of therapeutic botanical oils with mild cleansing agents that maintain skin PH and rebalance compromised skin (the founder is a sensitive skin sufferer). If you’re a fan of the Dry Body Oil*, this has the same invigorating herbal fragrance to set you up for the day.

Olverum body cleanser

DIOR PURIFYING NYMPHÉA-INFUSED EYE & LIP MAKEUP REMOVER. Also part of the Dior makeup removal collection mentioned above, this jojoba oil-infused bi-phase cleanser* impressively dissolves even the strongest transfer-proof lipstick (I tried it on KVD’s Firespike liquid lipstick) while soothing and hydrating. While it’s better on lips than eyes, I’m also using it as a daily lid wipe for my recurring, Zoom-induced blepharitis. (Dry eye is a thing, people!)

LIZ EARLE EYEBRIGHT SOOTHING EYE CLEANSER. An oldie but goodie for non-harsh eyelid and lash cleansing, Liz Earle’s Soothing Eye Cleanser* is a non-oily herbal formula designed to remove traces of make-up without dehydrating. It’s another good option for pepping up tired eyes, or as a lid wipe for dry eyes. Pro tip: keep it in the fridge for an extra refreshing application (away from children obviously).

BOY SMELLS HAND WASH. Finally, new to the US and hopefully everywhere else in the not-distant future, Boy Smells has expanded into hand washes and lotions. With sales of body care products growing faster than facial skin care in the beauty market, this is a smart extension of Boy Smells’ cult gender-inclusive candles and perfumes. The line launches with three hand washes including rose-floral scented Petalia* (especially suited to dry skin, formulated with sodium hyaluronate to retain moisture) and Cannabish* (below), fragranced with invigorating green and citrus notes and loaded with omega fatty acids and bakuchiol to smooth and nourish.

Boy Smells Cannabish hand wash and Lotion


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