Gucci’s new website is a shopper’s dream

Gucci website redesign

Gucci recently relaunched its e-commerce site so I thought I’d put it through its paces to see how it performs. Disclaimer: I didn’t actually buy anything but I did practically everything else. I checked out the range of products on offer, the quality of images, the speed of site loading and a few other areas of importance…

The general consensus with mono-brand sites is that they need to be pretty shit hot in order to lure shoppers from multi-brand sites. It’s just more convenient to shop lots of different brands on one e-com site, than make a number of separate visits to individual etailers. But for the brand, it’s better to get customers to shop on your site, that way you don’t have to give the mark-up to the retailer.

What’s great about Gucci’s slick new site is it gives you plenty of reasons to shop there. The main one? There’s every look you could possibly want, in every colour and loads of sizes. Apart from anything else, this makes the shopping experience fun, you absolutely get that kid-in-a-candy-shop feeling, helped greatly of course by the dizzying colour and pattern that Gucci currently offers. (In fact, Kering-own Saint Laurent also gives you this feeling, even when most of the product is black.) Importantly though, the quality of photography is outstanding, with a brilliant zoom function that lets you get a super-close look.

Something else I noticed; each piece is shot from a number of different angles. You’d think by now that this would be standard, but no, lots of e-commerce sites still don’t do this. It takes time, and time is money, so they tend to cut corners. It’s a false economy I think, both because consumers like to see the variety and so do bloggers. I frequently use sites like to compile my shopping pages and it’s great to have a few different angle options to choose from. It’s a detail that means I might choose this e-commerce site over a multi-brand site when choosing whose products to feature. Also important are the styling options that are presented, letting you look at items one by one or in an outfit. It all seduces you very nicely into ‘world of Gucci’.

I’ve compiled my favourite picks from the Gucci site and you’ll notice I’ve mixed it up. There are classic bags with wacky shoes, simple dresses with the more elaborate and there are a couple of men’s pieces in the mix too, that would look great on a girl (they start at a size S). The men’s pieces are more understated and remember, they also tend to be cheaper. Which means what you save you spend on the £28 lipsticks – yes, you can buy beauty on here too…


WORDS: Navaz Batliwalla/Disneyrollergirl
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