EVENT! Polite reminder

Wow if having my blog emblazoned on the windows of Browns isn’t a big deal then I don’t know what is. This is just a reminder for anyone gadding about the streets of W1 (or any London postcode actually) tomorrow afternoon to angle themselves in the direction of 24 South Molton Street for some chat, champagne and general zhuzhing-up action with me, Browns and Club Monaco. As part of the Blogger Style Series, will have a photographer on hand to take photos of anyone who wants to play with the Club Monaco/Browns collections (hint: there are loads of Maison Michel hats, Celine sunglasses and Louboutins to swan around in) (another hint: The mens Club Monaco is pretty damn fine), so leave your inhibitions at home and get your Lindsey Wixson pout on. Oh and we’ll be doing it all again on Saturday…

Thursday: 3-7pm
Saturday: 2-6pm