Daddy, please can I have a Dior coat?

1 Dior-Pre-Fall-2015-show-Tokyo-Thomas-Lohr

The coats! The coats! The Dior pre-fall 2015 pics are in and it’s all about the coats. And they’re not prissy couture coats either but outdoor-friendly(ish), utility-luxe offerings for rainy walks on the Welsh hills or motorbike rides around Tokyo. Or so we’re led to believe.

I love the storm coats in shiny Stone Island-esque materials for chucking on and off, and especially the wet-look A-line zippy affair juxtaposed with snazzy sequins (sorry, pailettes). And when the familiar Dior structured cuts come into play, they’re reimagined in a younger, streetier finish than we’re used to. Word is that the Dior customer wants more day wear, and by that I mean day wear as you and I know it. (Perhaps more bloggers who brunch, than ladies who lunch?) Hence the urban edge but with Dior’s signature femininity at the heart of it…

1 Dior-Pre-Fall-2015-show-Tokyo
2 Dior-Pre-Fall-2015-show-Tokyo
3 Dior-Pre-Fall-2015-show-Tokyo
4 Dior-Pre-Fall-2015-show-Tokyo
5 Dior-Pre-Fall-2015-show-Tokyo
6 Dior-Pre-Fall-2015-show-Tokyo
7 Dior-Pre-Fall-2015-show-Tokyo

A word for the beauty look. With influences coming from sci-fi movies (reminding me yet again that I haven’t seen Bladerunner – the shame), we saw Princess Leia hair braids matches with manga-cartoon eyes. Another masterstroke from Peter Philips, they were achieved by applying oversize silver sparkles in the center of the eyelids along the lash line where they would catch the most light. Out of this world…


Words: Navaz Batliwalla/Disneyrollergirl
Images: Thomas Lohr; Dior; Vogue/Taylor Jewell