What should I buy from Chanel Beauty?

Boy de Chanel beauty and make-up

A friend WhatsApped me to ask what beauty products she should get from Chanel.

This friend is well-versed in beauty so I was surprised she asked me, but actually I really do rate Chanel beauty. It manages to be of the moment, yet never bandwagon-y or too out there. Even when Lucia Pica debuted with her all-red collection, she executed it in an incredibly elegant way. And I’ve honestly never met a Chanel skincare product that didn’t agree with me. Here are the staples I recommended that I use all the time…

HYDRA BEAUTY MICRO SERUM. Unlike most serums that come in teeny dropper bottles, Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Serum* is more of a water-gel. Its main property is hydration, courtesy of a plumping lipid extracted from the camellia flower. For me it’s a lovely wake-up-your-skin product for any time of year that feels quenching and refreshing.

BOY DE CHANEL. A newish sub-range from Chanel beauty, Boy de Chanel (above and below) is ostensibly its men’s skincare and make-up line. But its conciseness also makes it perfect for make-up minimalists who don’t want too much choice, just a ‘my face but better’ effect. New to the line is the fab Fortifying Gel Moisturizer*, which both Mr DRG and I have been enjoying using this summer. It’s extremely light but just as effective as a rich cream, containing hyaluronic acid and antioxidant Costa Rican green coffee to strengthen and protect the skin – note the macho action words! The dark navy, frosted packaging is also extremely cool [gift]. Make-up wise, I’ve been very impressed with the Matte Concealer*. In a creamy slimline stick format, it’s not quite as long-lasting as my holy grail Cle de Peau concealer but it still gives excellent coverage, blends well and comes in eight shades (I wear number 14 medium). The 3-in-1 Eye Pencil* is for the guy who is more Johnny Depp than Johnny Cash. You can use this as a smudgy eye shadow, a lower lid kohl pencil, or an upper lashline eyeliner (my preference). It’s super-soft (so don’t drop it) and pigmented and comes in three shades.

Boy de Chanel gel moisturizer

HEALTHY GLOW BRONZING CREAM. This cream-gel bronzer has a near-mythical status for its ease of application and subtle sunkissed finish. It has recently been reformulated so it’s slightly creamier than its predecessor, Tan de Soleil. This product is best applied with a kabuki brush to the tops of cheekbones, edges of hairline and the bridge of the nose. One tub will last for several summers. The only downside to this is it only comes in one shade. I think it could afford to stretch to at lease two more. Buy it here*.

LES BEIGES WATER FRESH TINT. For foundation-lite types, this unusual water-oil formulation is like nothing else you’ve tried. It gives the lightest veil of coverage, while the oil component keeps skin hydrated throughout the day. It comes with its own mini kabuki brush (but you can easily use fingers) and is now available in darker shades. Buy it here*.

BAUM ESSENTIEL MULTI USE GLOW STICK IN ROSÉE. A new shade for this multi-tasking stick balm, it can be used to add a moisturising sheen to lips, lids and cheekbones. I usually use the colourless one, but this rose-tinted version* adds a little more colour with very little effort. Buy it at Chanel or Nordstrom.

ROUGE COCO LIP BLUSH. For a super-natural wash of colour on the cheeks, I love these sheer gel-cream formulations. I think these perform best as cheek products and while they do need replying, they’re fast and foolproof. Corail Naturel* and Teasing Pink* are my year-round staples.


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