Menswear for women from E. Tautz, Mr Start and A. Sauvage

Rihanna’s been causing quite the commotion lately, doing her Kanye-in-reverse thing of gadding about town in Acne and Raf Simons menswear. Kanye hit the headlines at Coachella last year cross-dressing in his Celine foulard-print blouse and Rihanna’s outing brings the trend full circle. I prefer my menswear a little more subtle so it’s great to see a few noted menswear brands (all Brits) giving women more or less what they offer men, with just the slightest modifications.

Take Mr Start. This season sees the launch of Mr Start Woman, a line of shirts and ‘dickey’ collars for women that are as precisely tailored as the menswear. With cuts that straddle the tricky gap between boxy and bodycon, next season sees the introduction of understated colour and stripes. Likewise, E. Tautz has ventured into female territory with shrunken versions of its faultless cotton shirts for ss13. Interest piqued? It gets better. Adrian Sauvage, who has only been trading for four seasons but already has a faithful menswear following, has introduced a capsule womenswear line. A. Sauvage Menswear For Women consists of his signature coats, tailoring and shirting reconfigured to fit a woman’s shape.

If you’re fussy about fit, proportion, tailoring and fabrication and less bothered about trends and fashionability, then these mannish staples are well worth investigating.

E Tautz

Mr Start Woman

A. Sauvage Menswear For Women

[E.Tautz image: LFWDaily]

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One Response to Menswear for women from E. Tautz, Mr Start and A. Sauvage

  1. Duck says:

    OMG Rihanna looks awful! She really needs a new stylist, she’s looked such a mess this past couple of months :-/

    Still, love all the pieces you’ve highlighted! Always a fan of a standalone collar.

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