About Disneyrollergirl

About disneyrollergirl

Disneyrollergirl* launched in 2007 as an ‘anonymous fashion insider’ blog while I was employed as a full time fashion director on a magazine in London. Now, as a freelance fashion editor and consultant, the blog is my place to park all the things I see, hear and think about on my daily fashion beat.

It also serves as a showcase for some of my work (you can see more of my work on my website and I have a weekly round up of brand stories called The DRG Style Index. My first book, The New Garconne – How to be a Modern Gentlewoman was published by Laurence King in September 2016. You can buy it here.

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For more insights into how I work and the kinds of projects I do, please read my BLOG FAQ (Yes, it does need to be updated!) and to contact me, click here. To read some of my most popular posts from 2016, scroll down and click on the links.

Unfortunately, I do not do giveaways, competitions, link exchanges or accept guest posts.

I’m also active on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Google Plus, Pinterest, and Youtube.

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*Disneyrollergirl is written as one word