Who buys designer jewellery online?

Tiffany T jewellery

Who buys jewellery online? It’s a funny one because you’d think it was such a no-no… for all sorts of reasons. Sizing for one – I never know what my ring size is. And security for another, I’m not sure I’d trust a £5,000 delivery coming through the post and being left with a neighbour (or abandoned on a doorstep as some carriers are wont to do). Then there’s the whole luxe factor; isn’t fine jewellery meant to be experienced in a luxury store with all the pampering that goes with it?

Of course, these were all arguments presented in the early days of online fashion shopping; how many times would Natalie Massenet have heard those counterpoints? Clearly, there are so many upsides. The convenience once you know what you want. The speed of whizzing through your choices on a page. And then, there are those of us who don’t want a fussed-over experience when shopping for jewellery (or anything else for that matter). And those who value their privacy.

Fine jewellery sold online is on the up, with Net-a-Porter.com, Matchesfashion.com and Editorialist.com routinely selling out of the most expensive pieces. For men shopping for their partners, I imagine it must be a breeze, especially when so many sites have such excellent real-time customer service to guide the purchase. Even old school jewellers like Cartier have upped their game, making it easy to shop from any and every device, just as you would a pair of jeans or a lipstick.

So here are a few of my favourite trinkets, all from Matchesfashion.com and Net-a-Porter. Plus, I must flag up Coops London. These earlobe cuffs just slide onto the earlobe and you press them together to secure them. You can wear one on its own, two on one ear, or even a few together, they’re super-versatile and playful. (Their Instagram is great too.)