Tim Coppens’ handsome girls at NYFW SS15

Tim-Coppens-ss15 2

I’m not all that familiar with Tim Coppens‘ work but I liked what I saw of his SS15 womenswear at NYFW. A little bit Wang, a little bit Tait, it’s continuing on the sports-luxe tip (that’s clearly got plenty of mileage yet) and looks luxurious, technically advanced and just commercial enough.

For runway shows, the styling, casting and hair/makeup are crucial tools if your show isn’t the kind of bells and whistles one produced by the big guns, and if your clothes aren’t weird and conceptual. Coppens gave us sweaty, post-gym hair and make-up (an emerging SS15 theme), handsome models and androgynous downtown styling, partnering with Masterpiece on backpacks and Common Projects on shoes. I’d definitely wear it…

Tim-Coppens-ss15 3
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[IMAGES: Style.com]