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Asteroid City Wes Anderson

Everyone’s talking about Barbie, the movie, but I’m probably going to give that a miss. Instead, I’m looking forward to Wes Anderson’s latest kookfest, Asteroid City (above), with its usual stellar cast line-up, and BlackBerry, a satirical biopic of the tech company to satisfy my chronic nostalgia-itis.

I am Weekender by Chloe Raunet

Last week, I went to the London premiere of I Am Weekender (above) a fond look back at Andrew ‘WIZ’ Whiston’s 19-minute film (don’t call it a video) made to accompany Flowered Up’s single, Weekender. A time capsule of early 90s club culture, we now see the film through the eyes of its cast, makers and fans and appreciate its astute commentary on the era’s youth and nightlife. The documentary has just been released on Blu-ray (with lots of extras) and via streaming platforms, and we’re promised some regional screenings too. Films are so much more immersive on a big screen and the remastered version of Weekender that follows the documentary is a joy to revisit. Watch WIZ and I Am Weekender director Chloé Raunet discuss the films with Miranda Sawyer here.

IN OTHER FILM AND TV NEWS: Succession totally passed me by (I know) but I’m determined to watch Jury Duty this clip got me. Nan Goldin’s All the Beauty and the Bloodshed is now on iPlayer. Sofia Coppola’s Priscilla is released in October, but the trailer is out now (you just know the soundtrack is going to be full of surprises). And Alasdair McLellan just won an award for last year’s Palace x CK1 ad film. This is the full version – including bloopers – and is brilliant from beginning to Joan Collins cameo-ed end.

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