Quote of the day: Robin Birley on old money aesthetic

Robin Birley How to Spend It

“It’s like constantly having a little pebble in your shoe. If I’m having a conversation and I see a picture that isn’t hung right, I can’t focus. I’m desperate to go over and fix it. I’ve inherited that irritation, which is about not being happy until things are right.”
Robin Birley, How To Spend It

Ob-sessed with Robin Birley’s new homewares line. With designs by 94-year-old Willie Landels, including a “toy soldier”-like beech-wood and brass pepper mill and Murano glassware, plus one-off vintage finds, the collection reflects Birley’s cosy-luxe (aka #OldMoneyAesthetic) private members’ club, 5 Hertford Street.

Rather intriguingly, Birley is not available in any stores or online. You have to call or email if you want to buy anything, although there is a ‘catalogue’ on the website that can be downloaded in exchange for your email address. (Totally worth it imo to view the 1930s Cartier ball-shape pencil pot enamelled by Jaipuri artisans.) V old school and v cool.

Read more here (and for U.S readers, the fascinating Birley heritage tea story is here).

WORDS: Disneyrollergirl / Navaz Batliwalla
IMAGE: Robin Birley by Michael Sinclair/ How To Spend it
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