Lewis Leathers by Marcus Ross

Rain kept me away from Marcus Ross’s private view at Lewis Leathers yesterday. An exhibition of portraits celebrating the loyal fans of Lewis Leathers, each photograph was shot with a Polaroid 195 camera, using way-past-its-sell-by-date 665 negative film.

Classic motorcycle jackets have a particular appeal, possibly because the core styles never change – they were built for function, not fashion, so certain elements are for keeps. Records suggest the company dates back to 1850, first creating motorcycle jackets for the aristocracy before later been adopted by bikers and rockers*. The current incarnation of Lewis Leathers is a happy amalgamation of old and new. Aside from the photography exhibition, the shop is well worth visiting for the loveworn archive pieces that decorate the walls.

The exhibition runs until 26th August at Lewis Leathers, 3-5 Whitfield Street, W1

*Read the potted history on Jocks & Nerds here