H&M magazine: the rise of the stylist

One of the things I love about watching the shows is sussing out the styling. The bigger brands use the best stylists in the biz to tell the ‘story’ of the collection and show how the clothes can be worn, something you’re just never going to get from seeing pieces hung on a rail. Those Prada tabi socks, the Dries Van Noten layers, the white sunglasses at Rochas, they’re all trends waiting to be translated to the street that will help the designers sell even more of their wares and chances are, those ideas come from the stylist.

Everyone wants to be a stylist these days, so H&M magazine asked me to do some digging and find out what makes stylists the big influencers they are. The six-page story came out in print a couple of weeks ago and included quotes from Anna Trevelyan, Julia von Boehm, Elle’s Rebecca Lowthrope and trend-forecaster-slash-author Katie Baron, whose book Stylists: New Fashion Visionaries is a must-read (BTW, Baron will be interterviewing Leith Clark at King’s Place on October 15th. Info here). A shorter version of the article is now also online on H&M Life