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Grenson X Disneyrollergirl Insta Meet

So my funny little Grenson Insta-meet plan worked out a treat!

We scheduled a date just before Fashion Week to gather DRG readers and Insta friends together to talk shoes, style and social. And we ended up playing quite a few games of six degrees of separation as we realised that this person knew that person, who followed that person who had lots in common with that other person. It’s all about the micro community, I tell ya!

It was really nice to meet Kate Jones who asked me to write about my favourite artwork for her blog a while ago. She came with her family who ended up in deep conversation with Grenson owner Tim Little, most likely about why there is no kids’ line – yet (clearly they should call it Little Grenson). And fabulous Sarah Tubbs who I first met at Alyson from That’s Not My Age’s book launch and who trekked to London from Wiltshire again, just for us! It was also great to meet Annette and Haruko for the first time, and the gorgeous Julia Little who provided the delicious treats and drinks.

Of course, shoes had to factor. I wore my Grenson Nanette boots which look like retro ski boots and feel like walking on clouds thanks to the light-as-air sole.The reason I wanted to partner with Grenson is because their shoes have the mix of contemporary styling with classic roots that I love and that The New Garconne is all about. The loafers and sneakers were also very popular.

As it was Fashion Week eve, Leica loaned me its brilliant Sofort camera for a few days, which is perfect for these sorts of soirees. Here’s me and DRG collaborator Emma Miranda Moore (she’s on the other side of the camera for once) trying out the selfie mode function. The Sofort takes beautiful warm-toned shots that are so much nicer than a phone camera. Plus it’s super-streamlined and weighs next to nothing. Film, as with all these instant cameras, is pricy but as in the good old days of film photography, it just means you’re more selective about what you photograph…

Grenson X Disneyrollergirl Insta Meet
Grenson X Disneyrollergirl Insta Meet
Grenson X Disneyrollergirl Insta Meet

Thanks to everyone at Grenson for hosting and to all who came to our little meet-up. See if you can spot yourself in this wee Grenson film

WORDS/IMAGES: Disneyrollergirl/Navaz Batliwalla
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