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Nowness’s first long form documentary is worth a watch. You Will Be With Us In Paradise by Isaac Lock looks at the relaunch of influential fashion brand Fiorucci two years ago by Knickerbox entrepreneurs Janie and Stephen Schaffer.

The best bits are interviews with original Fiorucci collaborators Oliviero Toscani, Franco Marabelli, (the Italians have great eyewear btw), Philip Monoghan and Joey Arias.

Especially poignant is Monoghan’s recollection of why things took a downturn for Fiorucci in the mid-80s. It had become an ’emblem of cultural excess and playfulness’, so I won’t spoil it but if you’re over 50 you might be able to guess what contributed to its demise.

The film focuses on the build-up to the launch of the Soho store and London Fashion Week event, but I wish it had shown more of the reimagined Fiorucci fashion. Possibly, there was nothing to show as stock arrived very last minute. I actually think they have done a great job with the relaunch, it’s kept the original spirit, but whether that’s enough for a brand to succeed in the current unpredictable climate is anyone’s guess.

All good fashion documentaries need their quirky characters and a few unexpected dramas. Dance choreographer Theo Adams is the unsung star of the show, the Hare Krishna scenes are extremely entertaining and Stephen Schaffer is cast as the inevitable David Brent character. (Actually I quite warmed to him.)

Fiorucci documentary - Brewer Street Store

You Will Be With Us In Paradise is a very good insight into launching a brand. I’m sure there were many interesting scenes left on the cutting room floor to protect the reputations of those involved (director’s cut please!), and it’s beautifully shot and colour graded. You can watch it here.

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IMAGE: You Will Be With Us In Paradise Fiorucci documentary film
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