Coming soon: Christian Louboutin Loubilaque

Christian Louboutin loubilacque lip lacquer

Incoming from Christian Louboutin is Loubilaque, an intensely pigmented high-shine lip lacquer to accompany the lipstick and nail polish. In eight shades, it’s set to arrive next month*.

The Christian Louboutin Loubilaque lip gloss will retail at $85 which is a shade more affordable than the original $90 lipstick. (On a budget? The nail polish is fifty bucks…) Will it sell? I think you’d be surprised. The packaging is genius, giving the lipsticks double duty as an ‘accessory’ (you can wear it as a necklace, although I don’t think I’ve seen anyone do this). But I love that they’re so distinctively decorative and a million miles from the classic cylindrical tubes that most lipsticks and glosses come in.

For me, half of the fun about wearing lipstick is the ritual of application. That little bit of theatre is a private moment that some consider worth the spend. Plus, the lipstick and nail polish formulations are pretty good from what I’ve tried

Christian Louboutin Loubilaque lip gloss
Christian Louboutin Loubilaque lip lacquer

*UPDATE: It’s arrived. Buy it at Net-a-Porter and Selfridges or Click to shop the post below…

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