I can’t get through winter without (part 2)… Chanel Neapolis New City SS18

Chanel Neapolis New City SS18

Chanel’s cheery spring beauty collections always arrive just when you’re reaching winter breaking point. The Chanel Neapolis New City SS18 collection arrived in January, but it’s taken me a while to take the pics because… the darkness, people!

Anyway, I’m really enjoying the scenic sojourns that Chanel’s creative director of beauty, Lucia Pica takes us on. Her latest is a trip to her hometown of Naples, taking in sunsets, local greenery and ancient frescoes to inspire the colour palette and textures of the make-up.

First impressions: the Les 9 Ombres eye palette in Affresco (below, limited edition) is a real highlight – a paint box of neutral sands and ambers mixed with a vibrant turquoise, jade green, plus fresh coral pink. Corals and soft oranges are great for freshening up a bleary mid-winter eye, although I usually prefer those shades in a cream formulation (my lllusion D’Ombre in ‘rouge gorge’ from 2016 is still going strong). This is one of those versatile timeless palettes you’ll turn to over and over again, so I think it’s worth the hefty £67 spend. (Buy it here.)
Chanel Neapolis New City SS18 Les 9 Ombres eye palette

In terms of product newness, it’s all about the Chanel Poudre à Lèvres lip duo (below). I love this! It’s a colourless balm and pigmented powder that are worn layered together to create a beautiful comfortable stain. You apply the balm, then pat the pigmented powder on from the centre outwards for a blurry lip effect. You can also add more balm on top (I like to blot in between). It’s a great casual way to do a red lip and I love that it’s inspired by traditional tempera techniques used by artists. This comes in two shades in the UK and is limited edition (but I hope they make it permanent). Mine is Rosso Pompeiano which is the softer, lighter red of the two. (Buy it here.)
Chanel Neapolis New City SS18 Poudre a Levres lip duo lip powder

The other lip offerings are just as good – all variations on my favourite corals and raspberry reds. I love Chanel’s newish Rouge Allure Ink formulations in their chic frosted glass bottles (not shown), which are matte but I always add a clear gloss on top. If you don’t like mattes, there are four new glosses in the recently reformulated Rouge Coco Gloss line. Shown here are Aphrodite (blue) and Poppea (red). The blue one can be worn layered over other shades to make them pop.
Chanel Neapolis New City SS18 Rouge Coco Gloss in Aphrodite

For nails there are four fun painterly shades, including the yellow (called Giallo Napoli) and minty turquoise (called Verde Pastello) below. There’s also a delicious chalky pink called Nuvola Rosa that’s possibly too pretty to wear, and a bright poppy red. It’s a cliché but just switching to a more vibrant lip, eye or nail colour will definitely serve as a pep pill for the winter sads. Well, it’s working for me…
Chanel Neapolis New City SS18 nails


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