Buy it now: Cos curved shoulder coat

I have a version of this Cos coat from two winters ago with thick black and navy stripes and (actually fake*) slit pockets. It’s the one thing I own that gets commented on every time I wear it. (*Ok the pockets aren’t fake, thank you to my lovely commenter for pointing that out.)

The cut is faultless and the quality is great – it frequently gets mistaken for Prada/Marni/Jil Sander. So if you’re a fan of a bracelet-sleeved cocoon coat, then get in quick cos (lol) these aren’t going to stick around long.

The only thing I would say is that while this exaggerated silhouette is very of the moment, I’m not sure I’d call it a classic. By next winter we might be sick of this shape, so bear that in mind before you buy.

Here’s me in my striped one last year (with Milli Millu Zurich bag and Joseph Queen trousers)…

Buy the Cos curved shoulder coat (£150 in grey or black) here.

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9 Responses to Buy it now: Cos curved shoulder coat

  1. Tinuke says:

    That’s a beautiful coat, I think it will be my go to for this autumn

  2. Lola says:

    Is this the first outfit post you mentioned on instagram? If so, I love it! The red trousers are great and I am in total envy of your bag and can see why the coat always gets asked about, it looks less “cocoon-like” on you and seems to hug your shape more but still have that exaggerated shape to it, I like a lot! x

  3. Disneyrollergirl says:

    Thanks Tinuke, I’d def recommend it

    Hi Lola, no that’s a whole other thing – am editing those now! To clarify, the cocooning is more around the shoulders. The body of the coat is more straight, but the overall effect is still exaggerated.

  4. Tine says:

    Love it. Especially with the red pants!

  5. Love the cut, such a great silhouette for this Fall/Winter!

    The Trendstop Team

  6. SoftConcrete says:

    Regarding your striped coat – the pockets are not fake! They are simply stitched up as in many tailored/outwerwear pieces. Once you undo the stitching (which is very easy), the pockets become fully functional and as real as can be. I have it on good authority as I’m a happy owner of the very same COS coat (-:

    • Disneyrollergirl says:

      Oh my bad @SoftConcrete, you are probably right. I never unstitch front pockets as I don’t want to ruin the line by stuffing my keys and tissues in them. Thanks for pointing out!

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