Trend alert: couture coats

Damn you COS, I go into the store seeking Christmas pressy inspiration and come out with another coat I don’t need and a pair of socks. But how could I resist? This tailored couture-style coat has a really good cut, is nicely finished (I inspected from all angles) and has bracelet sleeves to accommodate all the Iris Apfel-esque bangles I plan to buy for the next season. This to me is a great day-to-evening coat. It’s not bulky but its cocoon shape means you can get a couple of layers underneath it if you must. I decided to buy the striped version (which is now sold out) but the plain black is still available and in the sale. Get in!

And the socks are a gorgeous chunky affair to wear with biker boots or my Grensons. The best bit is you can machine wash them and they don’t shrink – just keep them well away from the tumble dryer.

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3 Responses to Trend alert: couture coats

  1. Aja says:

    If they ever bring COS to the US, I am without doubt there will be a stampede.

  2. Leanne says:

    I’m with Aja. Wish they’d start selling in the U.S., or at least take pity on us and ship things here.

  3. Sisi (=Cece) says:

    The striped one is really nice but I’m not sure I like the plain one. I think it remembers me of my grandma’s coat. :(

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