WAH Nails launches a full product line


It’s five years since I first wrote about Sharmadean Reid and WAH Nails and wow, hasn’t the nail art landscape changed since then? I’d say that Reid and Sophy Robson have contributed hugely to the profits of the big beauty brands by bringing nail art into the fashion mainstream.

So it’s about time we got a WAH London product line and yes it’s is a comprehensive one. Launching next month, there are punchy nail colours (£9) and nail art pens (£7), graphic press-on nails (£8.99), a top coat that promises to be as durable and shiny as Seche Vite, all manner of pro-standard tools and gifty trend sets designed to inspire and educate.

From the beginning, Reid has had a nurturing approach to young women which carries through in the line. There are product sets with how-to instructions and Reid was mindful about making this affordable to the brand’s younger fans so they can experiment and learn. One of the hero items coming out for Christmas is a mega gift kit (£85) of nail colours, tools and how-to cards that also serves as a cool case with a detachable make-up wallet – I love that multi functional aspect. I also zoomed in on the WAH London clean-up brush (£4). Apparently these are hard to find… most people just improvise with a lip brush or paint brush.

Of course, the names of the nail colours are a hoot, with many based on things overheard in the salon or uttered by the WAH London team – my favourites include ‘Be Better Not Bitter’ and ‘Peel Slowly And See’. Video tutorials will feature heavily on the website and of course, social media is the place to get real-time updates, here’s the WAH London Instagram for starters. WAH London launches next month in selected Boots stores nationwide and at Boots.com.

3 WAH-London-nail-polish-Love-My-Team
4 Wah-London-tools
5 WAH-London-nail-polish-Classy-Glassy-Glossy-Top-Coat
6 Wah-london-nail-colours-product-launch
7 WAH-London-nail-polish-Peel-Slowly-and-See
8 WAH-London-nail-Pen-Sky-Blue
9 Wah-London-press-on-nails
10 WAH-London-nail-polish-Be-Better-Not-Bitter
11 WAH-London-nail-Pen-Leaf-Green