Quote of the day: Robin Givhan on the state of luxury

Hermes ss15 by Jacques Habbah for Dazed

“Today, innovation and quality often are lacking in the most ubiquitous luxury brands, and the size of the audience with the knowledge to appreciate either is dwindling”
Robin Givhan, The Washington Post

This is a very good read on the state of luxury. I’ve been speaking to luxury researchers recently about the most popular luxury brands and I agree that the true meaning of ‘luxury’ (craftsmanship and quality imo) has been dumbed down for the new luxury customer (younger and from emerging markets). In my experience, few new luxury customers care about context or cultural provenance in fashion; they’re more interested in short term status symbols and showing off on Instagram…

What does luxury mean to you?

WORDS: Disneyrollergirl/Navaz Batliwalla
IMAGE: Hermes SS15 by Jacques Habbah for Dazed
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