Quote of the day: Caroline Coon

The Slits 1977 by Caroline Coon

“Some people disparage us looking back; they call it nostalgia. But from my point of view, it is ever necessary to remember and never forget authentic excitement and creative energy, especially in times of political crisis and despair. Today, in yet another moment of political crisis and despair, it is good to remember that challenging the status quo is possible and people can make their voices heard. And although at the time such insurgency is often dismissed, contrary to what the establishment would wish, positive creativity counts. It does make a mark. It matters and it changes society.”
Artist and activist, Caroline Coon

I can’t wait to see Nothing to Lose. The Punk Photographs of Caroline Coon, Caroline Coon’s selling exhibition at the Centre for British Photography, which opened last Thursday and is only on until 17th December. I’ve been researching women and punk for the last couple of months and Caroline was one of the leading female protagonists of the early UK punk movement. As well as photographing the scene, she was a journalist, The Clash manager, human rights activist and an incredible painter.

Do read the rest of her address here and check out the exhibition here. All profits from photography sales will go to support the gallery’s work with grants, open calls, workshops and other public projects.

WORDS: Disneyrollergirl / Navaz Batliwalla
IMAGE: The Slits, 1977 by Caroline Coon
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