How I dress for cold weather

How to dress for cold weather

In the UK, it feels like we’ve skipped autumn and gone straight into winter. Right up until a couple of weeks ago it was fairly mild and super-sunny. Then last week, it switched abruptly and we’re full pelt into the thick of coat, four-ply knits and hot water bottle weather.

I tend to dress for cold weather from the feet up. So I start with socks; either chunky outdoorsy-style wool ones (from Cos), or soft cashmere or angora ones. Not gonna lie, fluffy socks are not practical. They wear away at the heels within a few wears, so you have to try to keep friction low. But for warmth, you just can’t beat them. (I love these from Raey, but Falke is a more realistic price point.)

Shoe-wise, shearling-lined hiking style boots are everywhere right now and I like the retro ski-boots vibe. Team them with a boyish (or men’s) rugged fairisle and you’re all set for mulled wine and carol singing.

For extreme cold, I’m all about layering so I will wear a fine gauge merino (from Cos again) under a chunky knit. There are loads of chunky jumpers around that are fairly reasonably priced. My current favourites are Howlin’ men’s sweaters and this from & Daughter. And I’ll top with a padded layer or two.

Woolrich was always my padded coat of choice but they’ve become a bit ubiquitous. This one from 45R just caught my eye – it looks super-snug and I love it in navy and khaki. One of my Instagram buddies just alerted me to Alpha Shadows, a must for utility-wear fetishists. There are a few promising padded anoraks in their store from new-to-me Japanese brands – I’m all over this incredible mountain parka/kimono hybrid jacket by Kapital.

For added in-between insulation, an Ultra Light Down Uniqlo jacket does the trick, but the feather filling means they can be a faff to clean. In which case, a lightweight nylon waterproof will work, especially with high neckline to keep the wind out.

Finally, blankets. Much as I’m a sucker for cashmere, in reality, a good quality wool is just as good if not better for chucking around. Plus it’s much less likely to attract munch-happy moths. We have a Pendleton jacquard throw-blanket at home and it’s perfect. The price point is great and they wear really well – Urban Outfitters has a load in at the moment. For something a bit lighter, I love this cotton blanket from Knight Mills X Alpha Shadows.


WORDS: Disneyrollergirl / Navaz Batliwalla
IMAGE: Emma Tempest
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