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Giorgio Armani Eye and Brow Maestro - a-multi-tasking cream for brows, eyeshadow, contour and root retouching

Maybe it’s my 80s upbringing but I’m a big brow girl through and through. Thankfully, I escaped the 90s barely-there brow trend unscathed. I recall a micro 70s revival in 1993 that resulted in an overplucking epidemic that many never recovered from, followed by the bleached brow which I rather liked but was too scared to attempt. Then throughout the 2000s, brows were pretty much left alone. The 2010s brought in the Scouse brow and all manner of other OTT facial ‘enhancements’ but the less said about those the better.

I much prefer a fuller, gently groomed brow and aside from brushing and gel-ing mine, I don’t usually do much in the way of make-up. I never have waxing or threading (I trust no-one!) but I will trim over-long hairs with nail scissors (brush them upwards then trim straight across) and tweeze any strays.

But as I get older, my brows aren’t as dark as they used to be. I decided I could use some help so I’ve been trialling Giorgio Armani’s brow products for the last few weeks. They’re different from most in that the hero piece is a cream formula in a pot, and not a pressed powder product in a pan.

Giorgio Armani Eye & Brow Maestro (£28, below) This waterproof cream formula comes in 9 shades (I have Wenge Wood) and is a solid cream in a glass pot. On application, it becomes a liquid but once the oils evaporate it reverts to a solid, leaving behind a long-lasting natural-looking pigment with imperceptible mica pearls to mimic the natural sheen of your brows. It also multi-tasks as a root toucher-upper (which I haven’t tried) and an eyeshadow (not blendy enough). Buy it HERE.
Giorgio Armani Eye and Brow Maestro - a-multi-tasking cream for brows, eyeshadow, contour and root retouching

Giorgio Armani Eye Maestro Eye Brush (£30, above and below) This double-ended brush has a spoolie on one end and a stiff, angled flat brush on the other. I use the brush to dip into the cream and apply light short strokes to my brows. Once the colour is on, I use the spoolie to brush my brows into shape. I’m very gentle, especially when it comes to the ends of my brows. I like to keep them looking a bit more casual and boyish and never too pointed or over extended. The brush is a good length and I find it very easy to use. Buy it HERE and HERE.

Giorgio Armani High Precision Brow Pencil

Giorgio Armani High Precision Brow Pencil (£25) If you’re really brow obsessed then this is a great touch-up product. I’ve never seen a comb like this but it’s perfect for precision tidying. The twist-up pencil is beautifully firm (there are 3 shades), and is used to apply feather-light strokes to your brows. If you have trouble doing this, hold the pencil near the end to give you more flexibility in the wrist. (Please don’t ‘colour in’ your brows, it’s not a felt tip pen.) Then use the teeny comb to help blend your real hairs to the pencil strokes for the most natural results. Buy it HERE and HERE (where there’s currently 10% off).

I find when I spend five extra minutes on darkening my brows, I can take a bit more make-up as the overall effect is more groomed. Although I wouldn’t use this every day – I’m strictly a make-up minimalist day-to-day – for evenings or a day of meetings, this is something of a secret weapon.


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