Estee Lauder’s collectable compacts have just outdone themselves

Be prepared to be officially gobsmacked by Estee Lauder’s exclusive solid perfume compacts for Harrods. Estee Lauder is famous for its inventive compacts but these have to be the best yet…

‘Beautiful’ golden horseshoe solid perfume compact, £120

‘Beautiful’ solid perfume horn pendant, £100


‘Pleasures’ wishbone solid perfume, £220

‘Pleasures’ ladybug solid perfume, £250

In fact, every year since 1963, Estee Lauder has introduced a collection of limited edition beauty compacts. This year’s collectable powder compacts are based around the signs of the zodiac. The compacts are tiny but make such a personal, keepable gift. Here’s the Virgo one (my sign) decorated with clear crystals. Spectacular or what?