A different kind of bag for life

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“We were fed up of seeing people carrying their lives in these grubby tatty cotton totes and wanted to offer an alternative,” says designer Rae Jones as I surreptitiously kick my own ‘tatty tote’ under my chair legs away from view. Rae is explaining the concept of the Buckitt bag at a friends and family launch of her Kickstarter campaign. But actually the bags speak very well for themsleves.

In a classic colour palette, crafted in England from vegetable-dyed leather, these bucket-shaped totes are the ideal size for today’s multi-tasker. They’re big enough for the laptop/magazine/gym kit but not so vast that they encourage overloading. They have comfortable shoulder straps that will fit over a jacket or coat and have even been tested over the sturdy arms of one of their Manchester factory workers.


I love the simple proportions and minimalist details – there’s no shouty logo or blingy hardware but you can choose whether your bag is zip top or open access. And the best bit is the familiar but luxurious colour palette. I would be hard pressed to choose between the bottle green, tan or wine red – rich hues that won’t date and will in fact look better with age. With a lifetime guarantee and a commitment to repairing and replacing worn out parts, think of this as a new kind of bag for life.

These bags are launching on Kickstarter, the online crowd-funding site that has helped fund films, publishing projects and fashion businesses. By pledging as little as £5 towards their target of £15,000, you can help give the Buckitt bag a firm foothold. Better still, early birds can order a Buckitt bag for £170 instead of the RRP of £260.

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While the initial phase of Buckitt bags is limited to eight colours, the future plans include new shades, textures and collaborations. Personally, I can see it becoming the next Cambridge Satchel Company. To read more or pledge support, head to the Buckitt Kickstarter page here.

Watch the video below…