Coming soon: Les Rouges Culte De Chanel

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Why on earth would anyone want to start their Christmas shopping now? Er, maybe because if you don’t, all the funnest goodies will be gone?

The limited edition novelty beauty gift has become quite the mini industry in recent years – the legendary Selfridges advent calendar (yep, sold out already), the This Works tree bauble, the Jo Malone cracker (arriving on counter November 1st) all spring to mind.

And then there’s the curve ball. That thing that pops up that isn’t strictly holiday-flavoured but just happens to perfectly suit the festive season. So here’s my prediction for the there-will-be-tears 2014 scrum – it’s from Chanel of course…

Say hello to Les Rouges Culte De Chanel, a trio of re-released 1980s nail polishes in festive red. To start with, there’s Rouge Flamboyant, an energetic, fiery red from 1980 (this one’s my favourite). Next there’s Laque Rouge, a deeper, dramatic red resurrected from 1981 – very Alexis-Colby-from-Dynasty. And finally, Rouge No 19, a blue-toned red with a tiny hint of shimmer. How cool are the accompanying photos, just retro enough with the patent-leather accessories?

As I said, it’s not actually marketed as a festive buy, but hello, it’s red, it’s nail polish and it’s Chanel – what better stocking filler could you wish for? The limited edition Rouges Culte De Chanel nail colours land on counters in the UK on November 7th.
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3 Les-Rouges-Culte-de-Chanel-Laque-Rouge
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5 Les-Rouges-Culte-de-Chanel-Rouge-19-nail-colour
4 Les-Rouges-Culte-de-Chanel-Rouge-19-nail-colour

Words: Navaz Batliwalla/Disneyrollergirl