ss10 trend report: Oasis

The SS10 press days are in full swing! I wasn’t partaking last week as I was fully engaged in a week-long project but I just managed to catch the end of the Oasis press day on Thursday evening. Oasis always put on a good show and this time we had hair make-overs from Charlie le Mindu, manicures by Butter LONDON and even a pop-up art bookshop. But the main event was the Oasis SS10 collection. My verdict? It’s all about the seventies…

Maxi tea dresses

Petal prints

Tromp l’oeil and graphic monochrome – this is part of Oasis’ Designer Collective range. The tromp l’oeil pieces are designed by BA Hons Design student Rosalind Keep.

New suede shoes

Sequins n studs

Easy Rider meets Woodstock – love the suede tunic

Book of charms by designer Vanessa Harrington is a beautiful idea, a hollowed-out book with a necklace and a choice of charms that would make a super-special gift. Selling price isn’t confirmed yet but the figure they gave me was unbelievably keen! (Double click for a closer look.)

Perfect workwear: the 7/8th trouser suit

I spy a spots versus Breton-stripes face-off

J’adore this African-inspired abstract animal print that comes in different clashy colourways.

Winter warmers

Friday morning, trend-hunting in Portobello. Overriding the vintage haberdashery and leg-of-mutton Victoriana is fur, fur and more fur. Coats, capes, hats, tippets – you name it, there it is in all its mink, fox or rabbit glory.

“Why so much fur?” I wondered aloud. “It’s probably just, like, popular?” offered one stall-holder – approximate age, 13 – after a moment’s thought. No kidding. “It’s the cold,” suggested another, heavily swaddled in coats, scarves and gloves. “It’s the Russians,” observed a third, “you get a lot of Russian girls and they’re into the vintage furs.” Who knows the truth but we’re definitely in for a fur-wrapped winter.

[Pic: Grey Gardens]

London fashion week ss10: Rediscovering the twinset

Quite often at the shows, you look for the trends you want to wear. I was desperate to see the return of the twinset after I spied a little homage to the twinset in the window of Pringle (above). After a couple of days of no-shows, the twinset finally emerged at the Clements Ribiero presentation. Success! Strictly speaking they weren’t twinsets in the trad sense as they were decidely mismatched but there were cardigans and there were sweaters and they were worn together so why split hairs? They were lovely. Cat-prints and eyes were the standout motifs, all offset with inky wingy and smoky eye make-up and scary black lips (what do we call this? Spring goth?).

The twinset also appeared at menswear label Sibling’s presentation (below). As designer Joe Bates admitted, “it’s me needing a twinset that started the whole thing off”. Actually, it’s the idea of a twinset as menswear that I really love. I’d wear one with mannish cigarette pants and my Maxmara-from-Bicester-Village brothel creepers to give it a non-prim twist.