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Niyya prayer mat and meditation blanket

How early is too early for the cliché ‘New Year, New You’ post?

In 2019 I surprised myself by getting with the meditation programme, but doing it totally at my own pace. And in truth, it’s meditation-lite; I use my Muse headband and app (yep, still using them) and fit it in 5-10 minute slots around whatever else I’m doing.

I supplement this with a relaxation download by Albert Smith that I love. This isn’t meditation, it’s more akin to having a fifteen minute nap, but it serves the purpose of clearing my head if I’ve had a hectic day, or prepping me for stress-inducing situations. For interviews, meetings, public speaking and the like, Albert’s my secret weapon. (Years ago, when I had the cassette version, this was also a life-saving pain management tool.)

In 2020, I want to try and meditate more and make it part of a regular routine. I know it shouldn’t be about ‘stuff’, but I’m flawed and can’t resist a prop or two. I love the look of these Niyya multi-functional prayer mats by Brooklyn designer Myhra Mizra (above and below). Designed as portable mats for sitting or kneeling wherever the user happens to be, these $70 woven cotton mats with their abstract designs can also double as a shawl or scarf. Or in my case, a meditation blanket. The brand name Niyya comes from the Islamic word for ‘intention’ and each of the four designs is inspired by a different meditative state of mind – purity, patience, remembrance and prayer. Read more here.

Niyya prayer and meditation mat

Equally cocoon-worthy are the lightweight mohair blankets by VISO Project (below) made in Spain using a manual weaving process that dates back to the 15th century (available here*). And these lambswool-cashmere woven blanket throws from Begg & Co* (below) are extremely soft and comforting. The double-cloth construction mimics a patchwork quilt effect without the bulk. (Only downside is I would struggle to ever leave the house after being cosseted in this for a sesh.)

VISO Project blanket
Begg & Co trio lux blanket
Begg & Co triolux sivill monochrome

Finally, the Toast catalogue is just heaven for all thing #Namastayinbed and meditation-worthy right now. These Bulgarian 100% wool blankets (below) are down to £140 in the sale and would be most at home swaddling my shoulders…
Toast Albena blanket


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