On my radar: ‘high slow’ travel

From Hipcamp to 'train bragging', the 'high slow' travel trends you need to know now. Ph: Andrea Gentl for How to Spend It

I’m already bored of all the decade in review articles; I much prefer looking forward.

We’re going to see a big shift in travel according to How To Spend It, with ‘high slow’ focusing on deep, meaningful, journeys rather than far flung jet-setting for the sake of showing off. I love this picture of a Prior Nomadic Clubhouse at Ahilya Fort in Maheshwar, India. It’s an example of the appetite for understanding the essence of a destination and taking the time to appreciate and support it.

As a die-hard city princess girl who’s never embraced camping, I’m also intrigued by Hipcamp, dubbed ‘the Airbnb of the Outdoors’. The New Yorker has a deep dive into the concept which is rooted in respect for the natural world and a utopian spirit. As founder Alyssa Ravasio says, “I want people to remember they’re part of nature. I want to fundamentally shift our relationship with the natural world and start to respect the animals and the plants and the water and the soil, and to see ourselves as part of that whole.”

My personal prediction is that we’ll also (re)discover the joys of luxury train travel, as the reality of the eco crisis has us curbing our environmental footprint. It harks back to a bygone age of quaint Wes Anderson tinted rail travel, with scenic journeys, chance encounters and epic voyages all part of the fantasy. For more on the train-bragging (aka tagskryt) movement, read this Business Insider story.

WORDS: Disneyrollergirl / Navaz Batliwalla
IMAGE: Andrea Gentl/How to Spend It
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