The World Goes Pop

Jerzy Ryszard 'Jurry' Zieli?ski The World Goes Pop at Tate Modern

Another week, another pop art exhibition – but the latest one at Tate Modern is different. Opening this week, The World Goes Pop is not your average serving of British and Americana fare, but a global supermarket of lesser-known works, from Polish Jerzy Ryszard “Jurry” Zieli?ski’s painted face with macabre fabric tongue (above) to Yokoo Tadanori’s comic strip animation, Kiss Kiss Kiss. Arranged in themes, the exhibition covers pop politics, the domestic revolution, consumption, the body and even folk in its mission to convey the wide reaching impact of the genre.

Pop art, with its vibrant colours and everyday motifs is always popular (hey, the clue’s in the name) but it’s particularly resonant now as art has become a mainstream, democratised pursuit. On which note, this month should finally see an official date announced by the Tate for the unveiling of the long-awaited new extension to Tate Modern (ETA is mid-2016). Also worth diarising: a Robert Rauschenberg retrospective scheduled around October/November 2016 (can’t wait), and a Georgia O’Keefe landscape-focused exhibition.

Tate is one of the most digitally active of the world’s art museums, with a great presence on social media, YouTube and Pinterest. To support The World Goes Pop, I’ll be taking part in its Pinterest campaign, joining Wallpaper magazine, The Coveteur and It’s Nice That guest-pinning fashion and style-centric pins to Tate’s The World goes Pop Pinterest board to underline the influence of pop art on fashion, beauty and design. Follow my Pinterest boards here and keep an eye out for my pop art pins in early October…

The World Goes Pop is at Tate Modern from 17 September to 24 January 2016

WORDS: Navaz Batliwalla/Disneyrollergirl
IMAGE: Jerzy Ryszard ‘Jurry’ Zielinski: Bez Buntu (Without Rebellion), 1970 via It’s Nice That