Watches and Clutches

Watches and clutches – don’t they we go well together! I don’t know if it’s Tommy Ton’s attention to micro-styling or simply the breadth of choice out there, but I can’t help noticing how many people are coordinating their clutches to their watches. Even Garance is at it… It takes obsessive coordination to a whole other level but when it’s done well, it’s so worth it. My recommendations:

Classic match
Mulberry tan snake-print clutch with a classic Baume & Mercier leather watch. Chimes nicely with the whole 70s working girl mood of Derek Lam-style denim tailoring plus silky blouse. Add a French manicure to finish.


Rare with rubber
A vintage Chanel python clutch with a rubber Michael Kors watch in electric pink – love the contrast of pop with polish

The day I win the lottery is the day I’ll buy a wardrobe of Judith Leiber crystal-covered minaudieres. And the Juicy Couture watch to match of course…

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