T.M. Lewin X The Sartorial 7

Top marks to UK tailors and shirtmakers T.M. Lewin and fashion collective The Sartorial 7 (who I’m afraid I had never heard of until now) for producing this very slick and handsome mini film. Seven young British guys suited up and going for pie and mash should look cheesy as hell but the cinematography by Jack Flynn is beautiful.

Every brand under the sun has now done a video featuring tasteful shots of tastemakers going about their day. By grouping these guys together, this concept has much more impact. The fact that the Sartorial 7 are all different looking but in a non-contrived way makes this feel authentic and relatable. T.M Lewin is going in a more contemporary direction for SS14 so I’ll be watching to see what else they do to deliver this message.