Spotted: Green shoots at COS

If you’re in Regent Street today, you absolutely must stop by COS and check out the delightful pop-up Clifton Nurseries shop that is residing in the window. Infusing the crisp cottons* and dotty knits with its springlike scent, it had the desired effect and resulted in me leaving the store a very happy customer with a bounce in my step, a little white shirt under one arm and the new issue of COS magazine under the other.

Apologies for the rather, er, eclectic mix of COS’s nicely in-focus shots and my jerky BlackBerry photos. But actually, out of focus is allowed, look at this excellent blurry photo of Sarah Moon in COS mag…

PS:  Make sure you hurry, the shop has been in situ for two weeks and today is the last day.

*yes, cottons have to be described as ‘crisp’, it is the law.