Save the date: Disneyrollergirl and Liberty London Girl on The Business of Blogging

An exciting announcement! Liberty London Girl and I have been plotting and planning a special event for Fashion Business Club. The networking club for fashion industry professionals will be hosting an intimate chit-chat between us next Thursday on the subject of blogging, social media, the future of PR and, well, what else do you want to know?

Liberty London Girl and I started blogging around the same time. My first regular reads were Style Bubble, The Sartorialist, Liberty London Girl and the acerbic – but now sadly no more – Mrs Fashion. It was back in the days when it was easy to critique the workings of the industry while hiding behind an anonyblog. The blogging community was much smaller then too so it was quite possible to while away hours commenting on a handful of blogs without Twitter or bloggers’ breakfasts to distract attention. How things have changed! These days there are so many more blogs, we get the chance to meet up regularly and PRs and brands are all over us, wanting access to our audience. If you’re a fashion business professional and want to attend the event and hear all about the lives of working fashion bloggers then the details are below…

FBC is championing The Business of Blogging, for the next speaker event on 31 March 2011 by inviting guest speaker and FBC member, Sasha Wilkins, aka LIBERTY LONDON GIRL, who will be in conversation with FBC regular Navaz Batliwalla, aka DISNEYROLLERGIRL. The meeting will be held Thursday 31st March, 3-4.30pm at the Swaravski CRYSTALLIZED™ Lounge on London’s Great Marlborough Street.

About FBC:
FBC is a business-focused members club, created on the basis of bringing bright-minded fashion professionals together six times a year at an informal venue. The ethos of the club is generosity and the desire to share knowledge, along with at least two-years’ experience in the industry.

For further information on the event contact Fashion Business Club at [email protected]