Book report: Seven Sisters Style


I’m so thrilled for Rebecca C. Tuite who has just published her book, Seven Sisters Style (Rizzoli, £22.50). I stumbled across her site a while ago, when she linked to a blog post I wrote about Vassar Girls. She later emailed to let me know she was working on this very book.

If you loved Take Ivy, you could consider this the female version, but it’s so much more than a photo book. Taking us through the origins and evolution of female preppy style, via the elite ‘Seven Sisters’ American universities, we learn about feminism, sportswomanship, denim etiquette, prom chic and the big business of selling campus style to the masses.

If you’re a fashion scholar, a style enthusiast, or simply a lover of collegiate dressing, this is a beautifully illustrated, thoroughly researched and intellectually nourishing read. As I sat in my turn-up indigo jeans, navy cashmere crew neck, white ankle socks and oxblood Bass Weejuns, I devoured every page…

Seven-Sisters-style-rebecca-tuite-Rizzoli 2
Seven-Sisters-style-rebecca-tuite-Rizzoli 3